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Your hosts since 1905

Our grandfathers were constantly making new plans. We continue to do the same, right up to today. For the benefit of our guests and nature.

As a family-run hotel, we preserve both tradition and modernity, and are only too happy to continue our family’s path to success after 115 years. For six generations we have embodied hearty hospitality on the Turracher Höhe, in harmony and with careful respect for our alpine natural surroundings. 

Whether our guests come here for restorative weeks during the mountain summer or winter holidays with guaranteed snow, we take honest pleasure in sharing this magical place amidst the magnificent mountain world with them. You too can enjoy the authentic hospitality in our romantic family hotel on Lake Turracher See! 

For more than 115 years

We are only too happy to continue our family’s path of success. In harmony and with careful respect for our alpine natural surroundings.

It all began with a simple stonemasion’s house at Lake Turracher See. Johann Brandstätter bought this house, and in 1905 laid the foundations for the present-day Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt. Our hotel has been family-owned for more than 110 years. We are particularly proud of this family heritage that is rich in tradition, and the enchanting natural surroundings of our region.

Seehotel Jägerwirt


Renovation of hotel kitchen

The hotel kitchen is modernized and brought up to the latest technical and culinary standards.  At the same time the buffet area is renovated and given a new natural stone pine look. We celebrate 115 years of Seehotel Jägerwirt.


New investments & patent

The Lake Panorama suites, located in the main building, are hollowed out and renovated. The complete makeover of an entire hotel wing opens up suites with mountain views and bright glass facades.   
Mag. Christina Brandstätter invents and patents ZIRBELLE® — a natural cosmetics line, harnessing the stone pine’s ingredients, becomes a great success.


110 years of "Jägerwirt Saga“

"Hunters, pioneers, hosts" reveals a remarkable family history, tightly interwoven with courageous development plans and concrete realizations. For this reason, the Jägerwirt was invited to become part of the Romantik Hotels premium brand.


Fit for the future

Gym and hotel entrance get a facelift. Christoph takes over the management to shape Jägerwirt’s future together with his wife Christina. Erik has got a baby sister: Alina.

Seehotel Jägerwirt


Restaurant reconstruction

Our veteran dining room and the Weinstüberl are renovated. Restaurant and buffet area receive a new look that combines traditional style with a fresh, modern feel. The Jägerwirt is awarded the eco-label of the Republic.


Sixth generation

Christoph marries Christina Meschnig. Soon, son and heir Erik is born. Sigi Brandstätter is awarded the title of "Kommerzialrat".


New perspectives

Refurbishment of sauna area and indoor pool in aged timber and stone pine wood decor. Sabine and Alex become parents of twins (Leander und Louan) in Bali.


Superior level

The Jägerwirt is rated 4*Superior Hotel“ (especially thanks to our great team of staff). Restaurant expansion around the Seestube, with spacious Jägerwirt suites above for additional guest comfort.


Innovative spa area and Bali

Sabine and Alex are building the Chillhouse, a bungalow resort in Bali. Their knowledge gained in this process also flows into the creation of the Jägerwirt’s "Bali Private SPA". The specialization of the "Pine SPA" further upgrades the Jägerwirt.


Fifth generation

Son Christoph returns home after years abroad gathering experience in the hospitality business. The terrace on the first floor is converted into a conservatory, offering a fantastic lake view. Daughter Sabine marries Alexander Springenschmidt.


Large-scale investment

The old wooden hunting lodge is replaced by a new one, now housing luxurious guest suites. Europe’s highest indoor slide is installed for our younger guests. The beauty area is extended. By spring 2021, also the new gym is completed.

Seehotel Jägerwirt


Sonnalm Après Ski

Near the Sonnenbahn, the snug "Sonnalm" hut with the most sun-drenched terrace at Turracher Höhe is built directly at the slope.

Seehotel Jägerwirt


Aquarena and Gaudium

The indoor pool located on the second floor is complemented by a spacious leisure area. The 200 sqm Aquarena features top-notch saunas, massage and beauty treatments. The Gaudium, developed in cooperation with Otto Waalkes and renamed Ottifanten-Kids World, is designed to entertain with fun games and recreational activities.

Seehotel Jägerwirt


Fourth generation

Sigi and Gerda Brandstätter assume responsibility of the Jägerwirt, with a period full of major investments and renewals ahead. In 1986, the lobby is completely renovated, a Zirbenstube is built on the first floor. In 1987, the main old wing is torn down and replaced by a new 3-storey building with an adjacent 5-storey tower. Comfortable guest suites are opened up.


Extension of offer

An apartment building is built at the opposite lake shore. Two years later the "Rüscherl" is opened (extended by a pizzeria in 1992 and a winter garden in 1999). Ski school with Children’s World become part of the business. Christoph is happy about his baby sister Sabine.


Milestone for expansion

The hotel’s main wing (lake house) is dismantled up to the restaurant level and extended by additional 23 comfort rooms – the economic basis for all future expansions. With son Christoph, born in April,  the fifth generation of the Brandstätter family arrives.


Raised standard

Dining room, Kaminstube and Jagdstüberl receive a facelift. Hotel bar, reading room and the sun terrace by the lake add to the homey ambience.  The kitchen of the "Jägerwirt" enjoys an outstanding reputation. From 1975, Sigi (second eldest son) becomes a great support for his parents. Three years later (May 1978) Sigi Brandstätter and Gerda Sturm tie their knot.

Historie Seehotel Jägerwirt



Siegfried and Elisabeth Brandstätter modernize the old building, refurbish the rooms with shower and toilet, and add a north wing. The annex of indoor pool, massage room, solarium and sauna significantly improves the quality of the Jägerwirt.

Seehotel Jägerwirt


Third generation

Siegfried Brandstätter takes over the family business "Jägerwirt" in third generation. In the same year, Hans Brandstätter – one of the leading tourist pioneers at Turracher Höhe – closes his eyes forever. His beloved wife had already passed away three years ago.

Familie Brandstätter um 1950


The beginning of a new era

After the "Jägerwirt" is returned to its owners by the occupation forces, the building  is in poor condition and needs renovation. The guesthouse is refurbished with exceptional tenacy. The reopening follows in 1950. Two years later the building is enlarged to become a 80-bed hotel. Siegfried Brandstätter (the adopted son) marries Elisabeth Taferner. With great skill they run the Seewirt at Turracherhöhe together until 1958. throughout the following years they are a great support to their parents in the "Jägerwirt".

Seehotel Jägerwirt


The most difficult years

Fate strikes. The only son (Hansi) of the married couple Brandstätter dies in the war in 1944. Shortly after the end of the war, the "Jägerwirt" is confiscated by the British occupying forces (until 1949). Meanwhile, the Brandstätter family lives in the Seewirt inn. In 1945, Hans Brandstätter adopts step-son Siegfried Mara. Elisabeth Taferner from Himmelberg already works at the Jägerwirt.


Jägerwirt expansion

Hans Brandstätter acquires half a hectare alpine pasture surrounding the house from Prince Schwarzenberg. The hotel’s s south side is expanded by a dining room, the upper storeys are fitted with additional guest rooms. As Hans Brandstätter also has to run the Seewirt, he leaves the "Jägerwirt" under the management of Franz Siegel (until 1936).

Historie Seehotel Jägerwirt


The Jägerwirt emerges

Hans Brandstätter expands the tourist house into an attractive guesthouse. The building is added another storey. The current owner who is also a passionate hunter, names the house "Jägerwirt".


Second generation

The relationship of Johann Brandstätter & Fani Goritschnig is blessed with two sons. In March of the same year the father passes away. Hans Brandstätter (son from first marriage) legitimately claims the inheritance.

Historie Seehotel Jägerwirt


The tourist house

Following his son’s return from war, the father moved with house keeper Fani Goritschnig into the "tourist house", to set up their own business. The Seewirt is left to son Hans.


The first successor

Johann Brandstätter‘s son Hans (from the marriage with Mr Madrutter) leases the Seewirt inn after his mother’s death, however, has to report for his military duty from 1914-1919.


The cornerstone

Johann Brandstätter (Seewirt inn) buys the stonemason’s house at Lake Turracher See from the Counts Hugo Lazy and Arthur Henckel von Donnersmark. The small unpretentious stone construction had become obsolete as accommodation for the masons. The new owner furnishes rooms for his first guests in the “tourist house“.

Historie Seehotel Jägerwirt